An Error Occurred Downloading ios 15.7

An Error Occurred Downloading ios 15.7

Are you receiving an Software Update Failed an error occurred downloading ios 15.7 pop-up? Similar issue happens in the event you tap Cancel and then restart your update? It’s not just you experiencing this issue. Here’s what you can do.

An Error Occurred Downloading ios 15.7

How do I fix an error occurred downloading ios 15.7

Two possible reasons for this error: overloading Apple servers or an iPhone storage glitch that’s demanding greater capacity than normal in order so that the upgrade can occur.

We suggest these workarounds:

Reboot iPhone

Rebooting the device can result in minor glitches being eliminated. The force restart takes less than one minute, and can be very beneficial. Restart your device and then try to upgrade to iOS 15.7 yet again. Is it working?

Free iPhone Storage

A few users have verified that they were able to avoid this error by freeing up additional storage space in their device.

“I had 6 gigs of storage available on my 64GB iPhone 11. Freed up for another 3 and it worked the first time”

Tips: You can check and clear storage space by going to Settings -> General -> iPhone Storage.

Check Official Apple System Status Page

When Apple’s server is crowded or experiencing delays and it’s possible that your iOS 15.7 download is not successful and you’ll be prompted by the popup above.

You can verify the status of the Apple servers on their System Status page ( direct link).

Fact : If an issue is found, wait and attempt to fix it later!

Are you able to overcome that iOS 15.7 Software Update Failed error? Do you have another solution or concerns? Send your thoughts via the comment section.

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